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30 Sep 2017

Letting Go

September 30, 2017 2 Comments
Melepaskan mu..
Bukan mudah bagiku melalui semua ini..

Have you ever heard this song? It's a song by Sufian Suhaimi. The song melody not really suits my soul but I like the song lyrics anyway. Reading through the song lyrics, it is easy to get the meaning of the song. This song is about letting go of someone special in life.

Letting go of someone special or someone we love in our life isn't easy. It can be the scariest thing to do even if we know that it is the right thing to do. Letting go is a process. A process of flushing the memories of someone out of the head and replaced it with something fresh. In between the process lot of emotional distractions will get involved. Some may deals with the process easily but some may not. People who are failed to control their emotions tend to dealing with something bad such as alcohols, drugs or even isolated themselves that may lead to serious depression problem

Letting go is all about facing and dealing with reality. As a matured human being, we should think rationally and accepting the facts that we don’t have the power to change other people. Letting go also is an opportunity to treat ourselves better. Never force ourselves to hold onto on uncertain relationship or situation. Letting go may be take times and could be painful at the same time, but in the end of the day you will be thankful that letting go of someone that doesn’t deserved your care and attention is the greatest thing you do to yourself.  

29 Sep 2017


September 29, 2017 2 Comments
Woah! What a good feeling to be back to blogging world again. It's been 2 weeks the idea to back to blogging came across my mind and finally today I created this new page.

As I been away from blogging world for almost 2 years I must say that I nearly lost most of my blogging skills. In that period, I also lost my interest in reading friends blog update. Some friends even asked me why I not into blogging anymore but I couldn’t find a proper excuses other than saying I have no idea what to write and post. When I think back about it, actually it isn't really I don't have ideas to write. In fact plenty of stories I can share but it's just me. I just need a break from sharing my "life" stories to the public.

Anyway, I am back now and yeah welcome back to blogging world.