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10 Nov 2017

Tips To Cure Sunburn Problem

November 10, 2017 9 Comments

I have a very sensitive skin. My skin will turn into red easily especially around my face area every time I exposed into the sunlight. During hot day, I will apply sunblock into my skin even though I staying at home only. But there are times that I forget about the sunblock like this morning, during my morning jogging. As a result, I get sunburn around my face. Usually I use Aloe Vera gel to cure my sunburn problem. Anyway, since I have plenty of free time, I try to look through the internet on other method to cure sunburn problem. As what I’ve expected there are lots article about this topic. However, copying all the methods sound not professional to me. So here are 2 methods that caught my attention and consider as cheap and easy to me.

Use a cold Milk Compress

Not only helps to ease the heat, milk compress also creating a layer of protein which will protect our skin. What we need to do is to soak a face towel into a bowl of cold milk and hold the towel over any area of sunburns for about 10 minutes. 

Bathe in Oats.

Bathe in Oats? Well I don’t think I’ve enough supply of Oats at home to try this method. But I will give an Oats Mask a try one of these days. For this method, we may add small amount of water and honey into the Oats to make it sticky before we apply to our face.

In case you are wondering how I use Aloe Vera Gel to cure my sunburn, here are the process:

- Take 1-2 of Aloe Vera Leaf

- Cut it into small pieces using knife

- Take out the fresh gel from the leaves with spoon

- Apply the gel into the sunburn affected area
- Leave it for 10 minutes or until the gel get  absorbs and sticky.

- Wash off with cold water

So which method you want to give a try? Happy trying and do enjoy with your experiment to cure the sunburn problem.

9 Nov 2017

11.11 Shopee Super Sale!

November 09, 2017 5 Comments
Whoottt whootttt

Shopee will be having a Super Sale on 11.11 (What a beautiful date)
with discounts up to 90% off

So are you ready?

Please save the date. Get ready with your gadgets and of course with your RM, and don’t forget to share this so good news to all of your family members and friends too. For those who haven't registered as a Shopee user, do it now by installing the Shopee apps through Google Play, follows the registeration process and start shopping!

8 Nov 2017

Resipi Mihun Goreng Ayam (Noxxa Pressure Cooker)

November 08, 2017 7 Comments

Pressure Cooker memang agak memudahkan kerja-kerja di dapur. Hari ini saya share resepi Mihun Goreng Ayam yang menggunakan Noxxa Pressure Cooker.
1.                  1 bungkus mihun putih (500g)
2.                  200g isi ayam dipotong kecil
3.                  3 ulas bawang putih (dihiris)
4.                  3 biji bawang merah (dihiris) 
5.                  Garam secukup rasa
6.                  1/2 biji sayur kobis
7.                  1 batang lobak merah (dipotong halus)
8.          2 cawan air
9.                  2 biji cili merah (dipotong kasar)
10.               3 pokok daun bawang (dipotong pendek)

Cara Memasak
1.                Tekan stir fry dan ON. Masukkan minyak masak
2.                Tumis bawang putih dan merah
3.                Masukkan semua bahan kecuali cili merah dan daun bawang. kacau hingga rata.   Kemudian tekan OFF.
4.               Tutup periuk dan setkan tombol ke arah steam. Tekan steam pada pilihan jenis2 cara memasak. Setkan kepada 6 minit dan tekan ON.
5.               Selepas periuk berbunyi (tit-tit), tekan OFF dan buka tudung periuk dengan perlahan-lahan.
6.               Kemudian masukkan daun bawang dan cili merah, gaul hingga sebati.
7.                Hidangkan.

Selamat Mencuba.

6 Nov 2017

Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning while on Vacation

November 06, 2017 12 Comments

In my previous entry, I have been discussing briefly about the benefits of Vacation. For this entry let me share with you some of my personal tips to avoid food poisoning while on vacation. 

Drink Bottled Water

We are moving a lot to one place to another whenever we are on vacation. Besides taking enough foods we are also needed to drinking plenty of water to stay energetic and to avoid dehydrated. Nevertheless, it better to drink bottled water (mineral water or drinking water) that we can buy from the shop than drinking the local water supplies. Additionally, do not simply refill your water bottled at the water refilled vendors or water stations (if any) unless you are certain it is from clean sources. 

Avoid street foods

In few countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines, street foods are one of the biggest tourist’s attractions. As a tourist and also a traveler, I agreed that street foods can be very enticing. From the food variations, interesting food colors, creative way of foods cooking and display, friendly sellers/ vendors and not forgetting the cheap price making these kinds of foods become very popular among the tourists and travelers. However, not everyone’s stomach suits to street foods. Apart from the ingredients that may not familiar with our digestion system, street foods also exposed to bacteria easily. For a person with a very sensitive stomach, it is better to avoid eating street foods.

No to cold/buffet foods

Whenever you are eating in the restaurant, choose foods from the al a carte menu instead of eating buffet foods. Buffet foods usually already getting cold and not fresh anymore. We also no idea for how long the foods have been cooked and displayed at the buffet section. 

Bring enough medicines supplies

Even though you think you are fit to go for vacation do not forget to always bring enough medicines supplies with you. You may ask your doctor or friends’ opinion on what is the best medicines to bring with you. In my experience, normally I will bring list of medicines such as Panadol, Panadol Extra Fast and also the Pil Chi-Kit Teck Aun. You can always take your medicine when you are having food poisoning symptom such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as soon as possible to prevent the symptom getting worse. 

There are still lots of tips to avoid food poisoning while on vacation. These four points are merely from my points of view which I write based on my personal experience. I warn you, food poisoning during on vacation is not a joke. I've learned from the incident when I was spending my vacation in Yogyakarta. I was running desprately looking for a toilet in the middle of busy street of Malioboro because of diarrhea. It's good to share with you that in some part of this world, public toilets are not common. If any, we are no idea where the location is. In my case, lucky that a kind hearted woman let me tu used her private restroom. If not? I leave it to your own imaginations. So, hope this post will give benefit to all of us and don’t let food poisoning ruined our vacation.